Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pinterest and Traffic


Is a social interactive website and if you look at there Mission statement below, you will see they have hit on a very clear concept, linking people throughout the world.

How can a newish social website do this with competion like Facebook and Twitter, well Pinterest have what i think is a interesting twist on things and that is the use of PIN boards and IMAGES.

It is said "A Picture can tell a 1000 words.... In Christianity Stained Glass Windows where used to tell a story when most people could not read or write , this is where Pinterest may corner the market, people like images."

How can Pinterest help YOU to promote and get traffic to your website, blog, product, brand or any site you are promoting, easy...... if you have an account with Pinerest, they allow you to link any images you have on the web or hard drive and place your website link with the image plus a discription on to a PINBOARD of your own making.

You can be a recruiter, electrician, plumber, lawyer, dog walker it doesn't matter, you label the PIN Board and upload your images.

Once your image is loaded on to a pin board, you are now visible to everyone using the site. People can now like your image, follow you, follow the board the image is on, tweet it, like it to facebook and if they want re-pin it to there BOARDS. (click the link). People can change the description and Link but most dont. Even if they have been changed you are still mentioned as the creator of the image and others can still link back to you.

When people RE-PIN your image they take with it YOUR WEBSITE LINK  and you are now getting additional exposure to there followers.

Its like a SPIDERS WEB.

You can do market research on numbers of people following or repinning images of products etc, pinterest sends a email on who is doing what with your images as shown below

Hi Michael,
Mats Ljunggren likes your pin 'Isha'
Susan Berry likes your pin 'Beauty is skin deep, its whats inside you that matters,'
Richard Kim likes your pin 'Red Arrows'
Richard Kim likes your pin 'White'
Nelly Forever repinned your pin 'Westminster'
Furst Last started following your pinboard Vintage Cars
Furst Last started following your pinboard Stained Glass Images
Stuart Goddard started following your pinboard My Fiance
Stuart Goddard started following your pinboard My Family
Stuart Goddard started following your pinboard Camara's and Lens
Stuart Goddard started following your pinboard
Stuart Goddard started following your pinboard Police
Stuart Goddard started following your pinboard London River Thames Boats
Stuart Goddard started following your pinboard Vintage Cars
Stuart Goddard started following your pinboard Photography
Mats Ljunggren started following your pinboard Photography
Carp Popescu started following your pinboard Words
Joanie Davis Gerhardt started following all of your pinboards. Follow Joanie back.
Happy Pinning!

Our Mission

Our goal is to connect everyone in the world through the 'things' they find interesting. We think that a favorite book, toy, or recipe can reveal a common link between two people. With millions of new pins added every week, Pinterest is connecting people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests.

Read the MISSION statement and click the LINKS and Follow Me.

email me at if you wish to do business advertisement with us.

Advertising with Pinterest

At the moment Pinterest does not do advertisement for businesses, using my account you can and below is my Business Proposal to get your business, brand or product seen on Pinterest.

My Proposal For Your Business

We will make up 1 new pinterest pinboard solely for your business, brand or product. On this pinboard we will place upto 9 images relating to your business, you either provide images via your website or we will source them.

We will repin 1 of these images to our main business advertisement board. This main board is No 1 or No 2 within google search, so your business, brand or product will be seen by many viewers due solely from people looking to advertise via pinterest.

The Following Information will be displayed below each Image.
Your Website
Description of Business
Your Business Name or Brand / Product Name will be the main Title.

Payment is Via Moneygram or Western Union Only.

If you know the Cost Involved In Search Engine Optimisation then what i have to offer is a Deal you wont find anywhere else.

Do a GOOGLE search on the following

advertise pinterest
advertise your business with us
let us advertise your business
let us promote your business
let us market your business

You Will See Our Pinterest Links Are Rated High Within Google Search Engine, If you use the above Phrases You Will See We Are No1 or No 2 ,This Alone Will Get Your Business Seen.

We have not payed Google to be in NO1 or NO2 positions within the search engine. Other Companies Pay a lot of Money, our position is due to people using the search phrases only.... That is a lot of people....

With Xmas Coming Dont Leave It Too Late.
Get Your Website, Product, Brand Seen.

For Price Email Us At

email me at , if you wish to do business advertisement.

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  1. Pinterest is yet another web presence point. Simple as that. Just like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, Pinterest has gained enough momentum and significance that excluding it any longer may negatively impact your web presence compared to your competitors.

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